Make Things New:

Aryon Hopkins & Eric Martinez photographed by Jesse Littlebird // Jul 6, 2016 // Wed, 2:47 PM // DSC_0110-ANIMATION.gif // 0.6MP972 × 6482.1 MB // NIKON D5300 // 18mm

DRY MTN was born in the high desert by three artists longing to experiment and create tangible artifacts that will motivate and inspire our community to create.

We create expiremental thematic print publications with a variety of contributors that meld our vastly differing Socio-Historic and artistic backgrounds.

Our tri-cultural amalgamations are celebrated with the community in collaborative environments where participants screen printed issues for themselves and others.

These popup printing parties opened up a dialogue and created an environment that erases ownership, blurred semiotic languages and the artist’s Absolute Intention.

Eric Martinez
Jesse Littlebird
Aryon Hopkins


Thank you for making be leave with us for DRY MTN ONE at Deep Space Coffee on September Sixteen, Two Thousand Sixteen.

Thank you for supporting us at SITE Santa Fe’s Spread 6.0 on April 21, 2016. This micro-granting dinner was held at the Santa Fe Farmers Market.